A New Blog… What??

This is my very first time making a blog, or any sort of website, and I did not realize how important this would be to me until I made it and felt an overwhelming wave of joy flow through me. I could not (and still cannot) believe that I finally made this! I said that I would make one since last December, but I just did not know how. After talking to a friend last night who is a CS major, he showed me a quick way to do it. He introduced me to WordPress, and within 10 minutes I had my own website. I didn’t think it would be that easy!

So, here I am just talking about life. I wanted to make a blog because I wanted to keep up with my own life. I have always had some sort of journal growing up, but it just seemed like I never kept up with it. I started my recent journal last September, but I have not written in it since December. I decided that I needed to make something more concrete… something that I would keep up with.

I then decided that if I made a blog online, I would feel like others were watching it, so I would have some sort of obligation to continue posting. I’m still unsure if people will actually read this or not, but it’s the thought that counts.

Throughout my time so far in college (sophomore right now). I have always been witnessing so many things happening on a daily basis. Everytime, I would always think to myself, “Man, I really need to write about this!”, and sometimes I will, but other times, I am too lazy to write it in my journal. My journal entries are wayy too long (about 4-5 pages each!), because I always have so many details to write. Before I know it, my hands are cramping and I had just spent two hours writing about random stuff. Because I can type wayy faster than I can write, I want to type them instead. So here I am.

Before, I was pretty nervous about writing my posts online. I really do not trust technology. You can work so hard on something and put your heart into what you write, but the internet does not care. Before you know it, some virus or some bug came and wiped it all away in one second. Now, what took you 12 hours to write was taken away from you in 2 seconds (I don’t know if you can tell, but I am talking from personal experience. 12th grade. Macroeconomics project… It was a very long night.)

Hopefully, this does not happen to me again. I will try and make an effort to save (maybe even double-save) each post. I was thinking about copying each post into OneNote, but it just seemed like a hassle. Plus, OneNote is not as reliable either, given that one of my notebooks has now been corrupted and I can’t open it anymore (as you can tell already, technology and I do not get along).

For now, I want to keep my identity private. I don’t want a face to be associated to my posts. I want them to be as general as possible, so I can appeal to all readers. Plus, having a predetermined notion about all the situations I write about will kill the purpose of each post. I want each post to convey me as a regular person. Maybe in the future, I will be able to reveal my identity, but for now I’m Cherished Serendipities, or CherSer for short.




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