Phone Interview with a Friend

So tonight at 6pm, I had the honor of interviewing a friend that I made last year through a program in my college. He is such an amazing person. Let’s call him K.

So because I hold an E-Board position for this club that I am in, I have a task that I am in charge of. It consists of choosing one person to go up on a board that will showcase everything that they are involved in on campus, and stuff like that. I chose K because he is such an awesome person, and I knew it would be really easy for me to talk to him and interview him given that he was doing so much.

So at exactly 6pm, I gave him a phone call. Of course, he picked up on time, and we started the talk. I had a list of questions I needed to ask him. They involved really basic stuff like where he was from, who his role model was, what does it he like to do, what is he involved in on campus, what are his future endeavors, and how has the program helped him. He answered each one very professionally and thoroughly. I recorded it, just because there was so much that he talked about that was so good, and I really could not keep up. I wanted to type up everything he was saying (and I ended up doing that afterward, when I replayed the recording). He had so much wisdom to bestow on me that all I could really say after each of his responses was, “Wow, that is really cool!” I really could not think of anything else that could actually express just how amazing how amazed I was at everything he did, everything he wanted to do, and who he was as a person.

It was such a casual conversation, and he is naturally an easy person to talk to, and the way he talks is super professional. I know that he will grow up to do some amazing things. He wants to practice medicine and do business, which is a really cool combination. I know he can do it, and he is truly one of the people that I want to stay in touch with as I go through life.

After talking to him, it was an amazing feeling. I loved the conversation. I loved hearing about other people’s experiences. I loved having that casual conversation just between the two of us. I realized that I wanted to do that again, and I am glad that I am able to do this once a month since I need to talk to a new person each month.

I actually felt really inspired and really started thinking about my real interests. What do I actually want to do besides medicine?

After this taught, I found that I love to talk with people on a personal level. I like to talk about experiences and life lessons. I feel like everyone has their own amount of wisdom to bring to the table, and everyone should be able to take advantage of it.

It’s amazing, because before talking with him, I was thinking to myself why I even wanted to do this. Why did I bring this upon myself? What questions am I even going to ask him? What if I ask a question that is way too personal? What if I mess up? What if the board looks horrible and the E-Board wonders why they gave me this responsibility? What if I don’t keep up with it?

And then the conversation came, and it was actually so much fun. After the convo, I was smiling from cheek to cheek. I was singing and dancing. Even though it was such a small action and it was only a 20-minute convo, it may have been the happiest and most memorable part of the month for me.


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