Late Night Studies

*My friend was playing music while I was writing this, so I am sorry if some of this post will not make sense.*

Me again, and I am not getting as much work done as I had intended. Right now, I’m sitting in the hall lounge with a friend trying to complete an anthropology essay we have due Thursday. It’s 2am. And we are coming from a February break (4 days). Oh fun.

We’re entering our fourth week of classes, and I am already feeling a little overwhelmed by college. It’s not that the information I am learning is particularly hard or difficult to grasp. It’s more like I am having  a hard time finding that balance between work, extracurriculars, and school. I want to focus more time to my academics, but I feel like I cannot without sacrificing something else. And it is true: some things need to be sacrificed. But what?

That is the hardest thing for me to decide this semester. I am now involved in many activities that I love doing, but finding the balance and time for all of them is the challenge. I wish I knew how to prioritize better.

Another thing is prioritizing homework assignments. I have a hard time knowing which assignment to complete first when I have so much to do. And this happens often because… in college, you will always have work to do. When I have too much work to do, I end up getting caught up in figuring out which assignment to do first, and I am too busy scheduling that it does not leave me much time to actually do the work. If you look at my planner right now, it is super organized with deadlines and assignments, but you will not see too many check marks beside them.

Having so many assignments to complete also divides my attention into a billion different ways. As a result, I give partial effort to all my assignments rather than giving it the amount of time it needs. I am too paranoid to finish another assignment that I quickly span to the other assignment without finishing the one I was working on. I also tend to waste time by going out for walks, constantly searching for a new study site even though my original location was fine, talking with friends, and, more times than not, cleaning. I cannot tell you just how organized and crisp my room looks when I am super stressed out. I remember hearing from an inspirational speaker that people tend to do the second most important thing when they are procrastinating, and I can honestly attest to this.

Maybe this blog post is another evidence of my procrastination. I wanted to say that it is “jogging my thoughts for this anthro essay”, but I think it has dragged on enough for me to say that it was just for pure procrastination. Okay, back to work.


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