1st Bio Test of the Year. Yay.

I just took my first Bio test of the year for my Animal Physiology and Anatomy class, and let me just say… well what is there to really say about it?

The wording was so weird that I have no words to describe it. I was warned before going into the test that the professor’s use of words was a little wonky, but I didn’t know just how wonky it would be until I  looked at the first question and mentally asked myself, “Huh?” It was like I was just reading each work individually and could not get them to form into a complete thought. I read each question atleast three times, and it seemed like each reread was the same as the former. At first, I thought I was going through some test anxiety (as is common for me), but after the test I talked to a classmate who also just came from the class. He confirmed my beliefs that the wording of the questions were… unique.

Now why hasn’t anyone said anything to the professor about this? Heck, why hasn’t the professor tried and changed it?

Taking this test today brought me back to freshman year when I took another introductory bio class. Every time I took one of those tests, I was always confused. The wording of each question, the short span of time I had to take the test, the multiple answer choices that all seemed correct. I just did not understand how people took these tests. I studied for so long last night and opening the test it was like I was hearing about these concepts for the first time.

I prefer taking exams that are not so… wordy. Like chemistry. Or math. Atleast when the tests are returned to me, I understand the problems I got wrong and know what I need to do for the next test. And usually, the second test will be just as smooth as the first.

Well not in Biology. Atleast in my case.

When I get those tests back, I don’t even go through it or question why I got it wrong. Usually I see the right answer, and I just say to myself, “Oh, I guess I had to think of it in another way” or “I would have never gotten that because I did not memorize that concept.” To me, biology just feels like pure regurgitation. You memorize a bunch of information, and the tests seek to test you on your cramming skills. Some people can study for biology right before the test and completely ace the test just because they can memorize super well. Personally, I cannot do that. I need to understand the history behind it. If a certain pathway works in a certain way, I have to question why. What makes it do that?

This way of thinking can before pretty time-consuming, which is why I cannot use so much time doing it. Plus, all that extra info won’t even help me on the test. Maybe it will help me memorize the process, but how many questions will be asking for the specifics? Answer: not many.

And this is why I like chemistry. I can research so much into a topic, and it turns out that it will help me to figure out the basis of ALL the different mechanisms (yes, I’m referring to Organic Chemistry) because they are all interconnected. I do understand that Biology is interconnected as well, but I just don’t feel that it is as interconnected as Chemistry.

Maybe the Chemistry major is right for me. I really don’t know. I have to figure this out before the end of this semester, which doesn’t leave me any time at all.



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