Another Bio Test. Woot.

Friday was also the day that I had my 2nd Bio prelim of the semester.

Lord, what a mess!

I had studied the night before until about 5am, and walked home from the library at about 5:30am. It was a struggle because I had to wake up at 9am. Ugh.

So I went to my orgo class in the morning (I never miss orgo unless I sleep in or an event happened out of my control), and I skipped my next class to study for bio. I studied for bio for about 2.5 hours (basically until the test started). After going through all those powerpoints, I realized just how much I had slept through the lectures.

And I was in the front row! >.<

I couldn’t believe all the information I had missed, but after those powerpoints, I felt soo much more confident for the test.

So the test starts.

And I flip that first page…

I stare at it and wonder why I even studied.

Every single question was super specific. I couldn’t believe it. He asked about subjects that he would skim for maybe 2 minutes out of the 50-minute lecture. Many of the words were familiar, but I couldn’t remember why.

What really sucked was that a friend of mine (Well, more like an acquaintance) was busted for cheating. I knew that he had cheated on the last test, but I thought that he had actually tried to study and understand the subject this time around. I guess not. A TA had caught him and told him to bring his test and walk out of the room. He casually said, “Okay.” Jeez, he should’ve been smarter.

I finished the test and realized that I had just failed the test. I walked out of the auditorium feeling utterly defeated. Apparently, this was a common feeling amongst my classmates. I overheard conversations like “That was a really hard test” and “I have no idea what the answer was for that question.” And of course I heard a few of those people who understood everything on that test saying “Yea, that was the answer. It wasn’t bad at all.”

I really hate those people.

After that, I just went to go and eat because that was all I could do. After that, I took the longest nap on some couch.

That was honestly the best 2.5-hour nap I’ve had in a really long time.

Atleast the sun was shining outside and it was a gorgeous day. God was reassuring me that everything would still be alright.


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