c/o 2020: Our Future

I heard that two girls from my high school had gotten into my college, which I am super proud about!

One of them is my sister’s friend, so we exchanged contacts and talked on the phone. She told me what she was looking for in her future college experience. She asked me alot of questions about my college: what it was like, how did I like it, how were the class, the people, how was the workload, etc.

I told her all i could about the school, but I told her that she really needed to visit in order to really make a decision. So she did.

She came this past Tuesday, and I showed her a few places. It was really only for about 20 minutes because she was already shown around by someone else. She told me that she really loved the campus, but she was already tired from all the walking around. I told her that she would get used to it. Then, she told me that she already made up her mind about which school she wanted to go to, which was this one. I was so excited!

AND she told me how she was a Gates Millenium Scholar, which is literally the best scholarship that someone can get coming into to college. I had applied, but didn’t get it ( I know where I went wrong though). She told me how about 3 other students in her class had gotten it too. I was actually at a loss for words. Never have I heard of students so adamant and so hardworking for school.

During my year, we had only one girl get the Scholarship (one of my  best friends), and I was the only one from my high school at my current college. Also, not many people went out of state either, but from what I hear, many more students are going out of state.

I just couldn’t believe how much things have changed just in two years. These students were passionate and motivated, something that I felt my class needed more of.

Anyways, for all the students in the Class of 2020, keep up the good work! You all are going to do inconceivable things in the future, I can already tell! I am super proud of all the students who actively work hard to create a more promising future for you and your predecessors.


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