Last Day of Orgo Lab!

It’s sad that my last post deleted… I was on my school’s Mac, and I shut down without even looking at the tabs I already had open. How unfortunate.

Oh well, I’ll make an even better one.

So today marked the last day of Orgo lab, which was actually bittersweet. Though my grades definitely did not reflect it, I actually regarded it as one of my favorite classes (behind my Anthro class). I LOVED the class probably because I had a pretty cool and chill TA. He helped us out whenever we needed help, and he just seemed really calm with everything. I told him how I had spilled out half of my sample during my lab practical, and though he stared at me for a little bit in disbelief, he calmly said that I should go and talk to the main lab instructor (he also chuckled a little bit, but I guess that was also because he couldn’t believe that I would do the one thing that I was told not to do). Actually, going on with this funny story, I had an orgo test in my main orgo class on the same day as the orgo lab practical. So yea, that was a really rough and sleepless week, to say the least. AND on top of that, after taking the test, my orgo professor emailed me later that night telling me that they couldn’t find my test.
Of all the 800 students in the class, how could it have been possible that only my class was gone? I was in disbelief, but at the same time not surprised because… well… it had to be me.

Eventually they found my test amidst some blank tests, and after getting blatantly blamed by my professor for losing my own test (which was actually NOT my fault because the TA laid my test on the podium instead of putting it in the right slot), I still ended up with a 92 on the test (Heck yea!). It’s sad because this was my favorite professor so far. I was planning on even asking him for my recommendation for med school, but I guess that’s not happening anymore. Oh well.

So yea I’ve had my share of experiences in my orgo classes this semester, but I believe they have all been for the best.

It’s sad because tomorrow/today (Friday) is the very last lecture of my other orgo professor. He’s retiring after being at Cornell for over like 50 years, which I think is crazy, but he says that he has loved it. And he’s British which is funny because you can hear his accent. Anyways, though he is not the greatest lecturer, if I went up to him to ask him questions he was always very helpful (and he would always compliment me on having such neat notes 🙂 ). Today is going to be a very memorable day for him, and he might cry, causing me to cry, but it’s whatever. I really will miss this nice, old man.


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