What am I Passionate About? Time’s Running Out


Today’s move-in day at my college, and it’s bittersweet.
This is my Junior year, and I still am unsure as to what I want to do with my life.
I should be overjoyed that I am graduating in 2 years, but as I look back at my last 2 years in college, I ask myself, “What have I actually accomplished?” Maybe I’m being dramatic, because I feel like I have done a lot, but I just feel like I haven’t done enough.
For one, the fact that I am still questioning my major even though I declared it last year tells you a lot.
It seems like everyone has kind of figured out their niche and where they belong, but I’ve used so much time looking at all the opportunities available to me that I haven’t really narrowed down my search yet.
This summer did help a lot though. I actually achieved a lot this summer now looking back. First and foremost, I was able to actually see what I might be doing in the future by shadowing a surgeon. It was amazing what he does, but I was questioning myself the entire time: “Could I be able to do that once put into that situation?”
I know that I should have more shadowing hours by now than this, but with the amount of shadowing I’ve already done, it definitely has helped me get an idea as to what I will be doing.
And now, I am looking into what I am actually passionate about.
For the past two weeks, I’ve been back in my college town and just working a whole bunch. It’s been boring and fun at the same time. Talking with my co-workers has actually been super rewarding.
There was one co-worker who was basically my twin (like it was scary). He had come back to Ithaca early for the exact same reason as I did (he got bored at home, and decided to come back and work a whole bunch of hours before school started), and he lived a state below me.
We got to talking, and we realized that we have even more in common. He basically had the same interests as me. He likes technology and wants to do something along the lines of building and creating and designing stuff. He said how he looked into almost all majors imaginable at Cornell, and took things because he felt like he needed to (bio classes). He said how he has changed his major every summer (like I have), and that when he graduates he wants to do something with technology.
I couldn’t believe it. He was basically quoting my life aspirations.
He told me that he was studying Information Science, but it’s under Interdisciplinary because he had chosen a major so late. I looked into the InfoSci major, and I couldn’t believe it.
It was basically everything that I ever wanted.
It combined psychology, sociology, technology, math, science, etc. all of these things into one. And I loved it so much.
AND their main offices are found in my favorite building on campus (the building is absolutely gorgeous!).
AND their website was so user-friendly, I loved it so much.
AND their website was in my favorite color. Even. Freaking. Better.
I just loved everything about the major and I wish that I had noticed much earlier on.
I think that I would like to change my major, but I am wondering if I would have to change colleges within my university or enroll in this separate program.
And the problem is that I have taken so many classes in Biology already that I am almost done with the major, so what would be the point?
Maybe I should just get the minor?
I don’t know. So many choices and so little time.


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