Having a roommate is usually not a problem for me. It’s usually been fun actually having someone to share a place with. And usually each person has had a roommate before, so we kind of stay out of each other’s way. We also liked the fact that the room was mainly quiet. I guess we kind of understood that we didn’t want to talk because that’s all we’ve been doing during the day. Plus, coming from classes and doing work and focusing all day, sometimes you just wanted to get back to your room and unwind.

Well, this is not how it has been this year.

My roommate this year is… different to say the least. She has never lived with anyone before this, so  she is not used to sharing a common place or common room with anyone.

And I think she is still trying to understand how that is because we do not get along very much.

She is always asking me to do this and do that, and can you please do this, and can you please do that? And I barely do anything as it is.

So here are a few things, to name a few:

  1. She is always asking me to close the window even though she is the one with the fan and I am not. I told her that I needed
  2. There was a weekend where she had asked me for personal space for BOTH days of the weekend. I was just like Really? I was already on my way home, and I was ready to just unwind and relax. I have yet to understand what that was all about, whether she wanted a guy over or she just wanted the room to herself. I still don’t know how that works because she is always in the room. As in ALWAYS. And I’m barely ever in the room, so the time that I want to be is when she asks for the free time? I was utterly confused.
  3. She asked me to turn off all of the lights, even though I was in the middle of studying. I was thinking about it, and I realized that it was super inconsiderate of her to ask me to turn them off even though I was the one studying. I offered to just have my own desk lamp on because I needed to study, and she was just like “No, it’s okay. I will just stay awake.” At that moment, I kind of just said okay, because I was not willing to cut my study time in half. People were already in the study lounge so I was not going to study there. And I had a prelim in a few days, a very important one.
  4. I walked in one time and saw her cuddled up with a guy on her bed. I guess that was not a problem, but it was just that I was not notified or anything about it. The guy woke up when I came in and he was just like “Hello.” I was just like, “Hi.” It was kinda awkward, so I just grabbed my jacket and left.
  5. I always ask her if I can play music in the room, so this time she was like sure. So I plug in my music. Music helps me to focus on homework while studying. And this night (actually, it was last night), it really helped since I was studying for this Genetic prelim (I really hope I did well. I had it today and well.. it could’ve gone one of 2 ways, and I just hope it went in the right direction). So I am playing my music for a little bit. And I put on the music from my Spotify that is very calming and relaxation to help me focus. It played for about 20-30 minutes, then she said for me to put in earphones. I was just confused because she had just said that I could play it. So I put on my earphones (the ones that have one side messed up). I guess what bothers me is that I do not tell her to lower her things unless it is blatantly loud. Like there was a time when I wanted to take a nap, and her show was on just way to high. As in, you could hear it from outside of the room. So I asked if she could please lower it. Instead, she shuts her laptop and walks out of the room. I was confused because she would ask me to do these things plenty of times.
  6. She is always asking me to turn off my hanging lights, though during the first week of school she was saying how she really liked them. I only ever put them on at night to set the mood and so I won’t have to turn on my desk light (you know, the one that she said herself that she didn’t like). There was a time when I had my hang lights on and then she asked, “Hey can we turn off that light?” I said, “Sure, can I just turn on my desk light?” And that’s when she said, “Oh… can we have all the lights off tonight?” I’m just like what? I stare at her for a second wondering if he was serious, and she was. The thing is that she wasn’t even going to bed. She was just chilling

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