1st Weekend of SMDEP (06/10)

(Sorry of the grammar for this entry is wonky. I was watching Batman Begins and wasn’t really paying special attention to what I was writing. Hopefully I made some sort of sense and you got the gist of everything I had wanted to say)

So I never really talked about SMDEP (now SHPEP) in my blogs, and it actually had a huge impact on the reasons for why I am on the pre-med track

So here was the first weekend.

June 10th, 2016

For the first weekend that I was there, it actually didn’t start very well. I woke up to news that Christina Grimmie had died. Christina Grimmie, a huge person who I had loved, had been shot at her concert in Orlando by some crazed fan. Her brother, after realizing that the guy had shot, tackled the guy to the ground. I imagined the emotions that were running through him at that time. He just lost his sister with one shot, and he witnessed it. Of course he would tackle the guy to the ground. Hell, he would have killed the guy right then and there. What a crazy time for the family, and for the world in general.

She had such a huge impact on people. She was the reason why my sister got into piano, and that’s big because my sister was obsessed with piano for the longest time. I wondered where the sudden passion came from, but it all made sense now. And now, she’s crazy good at it. All because of Christina.

It’s crazy because Christina was a person who my middle sister had been super obsessed with. She had an amazing voice with killer piano skills. She was even on the Voice and was ridiculously amazing. She made it to the final round and won 2nd place in the entire competition. But Adam Levine completely loved her. I thought he would marry her if he wasn’t already involved with that Victoria’s Secret model. But he did decide to pay for all the funeral charges and helped out with the family as much as he could. I told both my sisters and they were pretty sad about it. I told my mom about it and she was a little indifferent about it. Obviously, she was sad that she had died, but she had no idea who she was. That’s when I realized just how much social media affected my generation.

Life just wasn’t fair. She was becoming huge in music. She had worked so hard putting out Youtube videos and getting her name out there. And finally while having a gig in Orlando, she was signing autographs. She was becoming famous, and then this happened. She was beautiful. She had an amazing voice. She loved God. And she was only 22… That’s just crazy how life happens.

She didn’t deserve it. She was on her way up to fame, and it was crazy how she stayed so true to herself the entire way.

Well after that incident, the weekend got a little better. Things started to lighten up a bit. There were still alot of fun adventures to come.

During the first weekend that I was there, we all took a whole bunch of cars and went to this creek where they had a swing rope and a cliff that people could jump off of. I was a little nervous because… well.. I don’t have the prettiest legs  (I have these 2 scars on my knees due to childhood. I’m not taking back my childhood, but I just wish I was less of a tomboy), so I thought I would be judged by them. It turns out that people do not judge you as much as you think. We walked through the creek, and I felt like I would slip on the rocks. They all were covered with algae and mold maybe? It felt weird and I hoped that I would not get any foot disease or anything. As we kept walking, we finally found the big cliff, and there were already a good amount of people there from around town. It seemed like a very common hangout spot, and it was pretty cool. We quickly took off our clothes and kept our bathing suits on.

The rocks kind of hurt my feet, so I balanced myself on the large rocks. I sat on them to release some of the pressure on my feet. It felt so relaxing to be sitting in the water listening to the children who were in the water and watching people jump off the cliffs and all of that. I eventually mustered up enough courage to try the swing rope. When I was finally up there with the rope in hand and I looked at how high I was above the water, that’s when I thought about it again and I really asked myself, “Are you sure? Do you really wanna do this?” Kids were behind me waiting for their turns, and they looked kind of impatient at the fact that I was standing there for so long, so I needed to make a decision quick. I decided to just go for it. I believe my last thought that really made me do it was, “When will I get this chance again? You mind as well try it once.” I also thought that kids were able to do this, so why couldn’t I?

I did it, and boy, that thing was actually hard to do. The hardest part was keeping myself up. I needed to work on my upper body strength…

While going through the air, I felt my knees skid across the water as I tried to keep myself up. It was pretty tough, but I tried it again, and this time I kept myself up a little more. It worked for a little, but when I landed in the water, my butt hit the water first and kind of left it sore.

But it was worth it.

Obviously the kids were much better at it than I was, but I thought that they had it easier because they didn’t weight as much. It was okay though, because that summer I went to the gym every single day (they had a crazy nice gym facility since sports is huge for them, and it was right across the street from where I stayed for the summer. It was the biggest gym I had ever been to, and it was the nicest. Everything was new. And it was 3 stories. How crazy). Just they wait… my upper body strength would be amazing by the end of the summer.

After swimming, we went to Olive Garden to eat. It was okay for a little bit. I mean helloo…. Olive Garden was (still is) my favorite restaurant. The food was nice, and everyone sitting around me was cool… to some extent. But it was annoying to see that part of the table (and we had a pretty long table) seemed to want to be more mannered and more… boujie than the other side. The other side was more talkative and laughed much louder than the other. The side that I was on just kept doing side looks to the other side and kept quiet. I hated it. But it’s my favorite restaurant.

When it was time to leave, there was a bit of a mix up with the receipts and stuff like that. In the end, about 2 people had their orders paid for and another 2 people got free desserts. Olive Garden lost alot in profit that day…

Afterwards, we decided to go to the big Illinois bridge (idk what the actual name of the bridge is called, but it lies between Illinois and Indiana). It was funny, because we decided to go at night, which we wondered why we wanted to go so late.

We still went, because we thought that since we would start getting super busy after this week, then we should go now.

So we went.

And let me just say… it was so beautiful. The bridge lights up at night and they have rainbow lights on it. There were violinist on the sides of the bridge asking for money. There was a girl who was singing, and her voice was amazing. And she seemed only 13 years old max, but her voice was like a 30-year-old. Her mom was on the side supporting her along with her younger brother. There was a little boy breakdancing on the ground. He seemed to have maybe a huge tumor growing around his mouth. His face seemed double the size as it should be. Maybe he was raising money for the surgery…Some of us gave money but I didn’t have any cash on me.

We walked all the way to the Indiana side, and we asked someone to take our picture. It was really nice.

I felt kind of bad because I felt a divide between our group, kinda the same divide I felt back in Olive Garden. A group of us were walking a little more ahead than the group behind. I wasn’t sure what had happened, because I felt like we had not known each other enough to have any sort of beef between each other. I had told my friend (his name begins with a C last name W, so I’ll call him CW) about the divide that I was feeling, and he noticed it and thought it was really weird to have some kind of beef like that between each other. We were all trying to be Doctors and Dentists, so why couldn’t we just come together?

The bridge was still pretty awesome, and I had never experienced anything like it. I was happy to have gone with people who I think would become some of my best friends.

But anyways, after having gone through the program, those people actually ended up being my closest friends, so maybe it was just an initial feeling, or maybe it was their initial reaction.



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