Closed Eyes and A Semi-Cleared Head

You know, I just spent an entire day crafting a 1500-word blogpost on the most talked-about topic today, knowing fully well that hardly anyone would end up reading the entire thing because it’s longer than the last 7 essays I have had to write combined, and knowing that people have such divided views and mixed emotions on the whole situation.

But I feel infinitely and dumbfoundingly relieved.

This is why I made a blog, so that I could be able to share these kinds of things without any feeling of judgment, any feeling of wasting someone’s time, any feeling of insecurity and discomfort.

I needed an outlet. My brain is somewhat hyperactive. It’s always busy, always thinking about something. There’s always something on my mind. I can’t remember the last time I was actually able to sit down and clear my mind.

Yes, my blogs hardly make any sense most of the time, but that’s insight into my brain. That’s how my mind works. I write how I think, and there’s something really nice about having that one place where you are not limited by professionalism and social etiquette.

I should have made a blog a long time ago.


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