I love design.

I love everything about it, especially the ideas that come with it.

I watch behind the scenes videos of music videos and music concerts.

I love watching music videos, especially if there is a lot of choreography in it.

I love staring at very intricate paintings.

I used to watch a bunch of fashion show videos and thought they were amazing.

I loved the movie The Devil Wears Prada not even for the actors/actresses. I just loved the idea of fashion and the things they were able to do.

I love watching Victoria Secret fashion shows and their ads. Not because of the girls (I’m straight), but the design behind it. It just looks amazing the creation behind the whole line, and the energy that goes into it.

People always compliment me on what I wear and how I wear it. Apparently, I make just regular hoodies and jeans look nice. Idk how, but I guess it works.

When I was younger, I thought I would become a model, so I watched a bunch of model walk videos and practiced. I even went to a model casting thing in Atlanta for Barbizon Modeling because I had been invited. I don’t remember much from that, but I just never followed up with them.

America’s Next Top Model was my favorite show for a while. I loved watching the models and how they posed. I thought it was amazing how a person could make an article of clothing look so cool. I thought it was awesome to see how the way a person portrays the piece will dictate if someone else will decide to buy it or not.

I love watching choreography to different songs and watching how the dancers move.

When I was younger, “I Spy” was my favorite game to play, because I loved looking for things in the midst of alot of different things.  I also loved looking at the pages.

Dance moms used to be my favorite show because I loved watching the competitions and watching the girls dance. I wanted to understand how they did what they did.

I was always the one in clubs who came up with ideas on how to do the flyers and the social media. I knew how to get more people to an event just by the advertisement and design of the flyers.

I love interior design. I love trying to find things in thrift stores and garage sales that could be used to spice up a space.

In school, the part I loved about projects was the designing part. I was the one obsessed with the font to use, the colors to use, the pictures we needed, the layout of the slides, the positioning of everything. I honestly didn’t care what a powerpoint was about, I just cared about the animation between each slide, the bullets on each one, the spacing between the information, etc.

I loved doing posters, not necessarily the research part, but designing them. I remember how science fairs used to be my favorite things in high school. I loved designing my board and making it eye-catching.

I love DIY projects and could watch countless videos online.

I love watching “Dorm tours” or “room tours” or “house tours”.

When I was younger, I used to watch plenty of How it was Made shows. Those were so… mind blowing for me. I thought it was super cool to see the step-by-step process of how things were made in a factory and how they reached consumers. Still mind-boggling to me how people could think up stuff like that.

I love walking into retail stores and just looking at the way they lay out their clothing. The design of the store is really what draws me to it.

When I was younger, I used to play dolls with my sisters. We would cut up different pieces of fragment and make them into doll clothing. We made houses out of blankets and boxes. We used anything we could find to design things.

My room is full of DIY projects. I had to throw a bunch away because it was getting too clustered. 😦

I love thrift stores. I love finding little nuggets of treasure and doing something with them.

I’ve always been drawn to engineering because it’s all about invention and design.

I watch Pixar (which created my favorite animated movies) videos behind the scenes to see how the figures are created and the science behind it all.

I love going into the fashion design college at my school and looking at all the pieces, and figuring out how they made it, what was the inspiration, what did they make the pieces out of, etc.

I used to watch alot of home improvement shows and thought they were amazing.

“Say Yes to the Dress” was, and still is, my show! I love the wedding dresses, love love love! I love looking at the design, guessing what would look good on the bride, and watching them try things on.

I also loved watching this other show which was on TLC (whose name is slipping me) which was all about revamping someone’s closet and fashion sense. It always amazed me what they would choose as fashion and what wasn’t.

I loved watching award shows, not really for the awards, but just looking at everyone there, what they were wearing, the performances and how those were designed, the design of the whole award show really.

I loved watching big games, such as the Super Bowl, or Basketball games. Yes, the games were fun to watch, but I loved watching the advertisements that came with them, the design of the promos and ads, and the people I was watching the games with, the way they were reacting to the games, the convos, etc.

I loved watching Times Square ball drops at the beginning of the year. Those were fun to watch. I loved seeing the performances, the sparkling ball, the news cast with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.

I love the design of music, how it comes together, how a composer thought up the way that music should sound, what they wanted it to sound like, what instruments to use and when to use them and how to use them,

I have redesigned my room more times than I could count. I watch YouTube videos on this type of stuff. Even in my dorm room, I’m never satisfied with how something looks. I feel like there’s always a better way to position things.

I organize everything into planners, and the type of planner matters to me, I always have to find the one that matches me.

When I was younger, I kept a portfolio (though at the time, I didn’t know that was what I had done) where I drew different styles of pumps, dresses, and shirts. I just had inspiration at the time, idk.

I love instagram and love great pictures. I believe that the best pictures are when the light is hitting in the right direction, the background is great, the filter used for the picture is great, and the organization of everything in the picture is great.

My favorite show used to be Project Runway, and I loved watching how the pieces came about, the thought process behind each piece, and the runway.

MTV Cribs used to be a favorite show of mine. I loved watching the design of the houses.

I love clothing. Love it. I have too many clothes and it’s hard for me to throw anything away, because I feel like there’s a way that I could wear it, or there’s something I could do to it (maybe like a DIY project).

I still watch plenty of hair videos, how to do natural hair, what to do with it, how to do your own braids, how to design your own hair, etc.

I love Coca-Cola and their factory. I live in Atlanta, and both times that I’ve been there, I just loved how their entire place looks. They show the factory, how it was made, how the bottles were designed. And before starting the whole world of coke tour, they show us this amazing ad. I remember watching it, and I nudged my friend, and told him, “I want to be the one behind making that. I want to design an ad like that.”

I love the aquarium and how it looks. Especially the Georgia Aquarium. Absolutely stunning.

My room is full of clutter. It’s almost like I’m a hoarder (I may as well be one). I always find a use to everything. I don’t see anything as trash.

I have 2 shoe boxes full of arts and crafts, along with a huge carton of markers and colored pencils.

I love the textures of different clothing. That’s what ultimately makes me choose to buy it. I’m still working on matching different textures though.

I love the African Fashion Show that my school puts on, because I love looking at not only the pieces, but how the girls are modeling, their face, their strut, their arms and how that’s positioned, and I love seeing everyone come out.

Michelle Obama’s fashion sense is life!

I love art museums and can stay in one all day. I also love museums in general.

I love technology stores, especially ones where I can interact with the items (ex: Best Buy). I love looking and playing around with new technology, seeing how it was made, what was the idea behind it, admiring its craftsmanship.

I would admire how my church would make their advertisements and their promo videos. I loved their videos and the way they came out. I would look at the fonts, the writing, the graphics, etc. It amazed me.

I love Pinterest. Love it. I use it for outfit inspiration.

Right now, I was just watching videos on the CEOs of both Forever 21 (who has an amazing story btw) and H&M, and I wanted to understand their logic behind starting their clothing stores.

I imagined myself for a second doing something like that…  being able to design my own clothing, watch others wear that clothing, attending fashion shows, etc. Just amazing stuff.

I’m also watching videos about design engineers, especially Dyson. It’s some of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. And they’re just vacuum cleaners!

Design and development engineers do basically everything that I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my career.

I’m going to have to learn CAD (Computer aided design) though


Robots… egh. I prefer people.

So at the beginning of the semester, I was enrolled in a robot ethics class. It was okay. The professor was nice, and the information was interesting. I really thought that I would pursue the Information Science minor. It sounded cool. I liked the idea of creating new technology and being able to design new things.

That’s what I’ve always been drawn to. Creating. Designing. Inventing. Investigating. All good things.

And then I realized… I don’t like working with just metal. I like working with things that have feeling, that have life in them.

I noticed this during the 3rd week of class when we were watching a Youtube video about a robot that this elderly lady was obsessed with. It was the idea that her feedback made the robot more interactive with the lady, and as a result, she became more attached. After time went by, the lady brought he robot with her everywhere annoying many of the people she lived with. They asked her to put the robot away in her room and she looked like they had asked her to stop living. It was scary, and I couldn’t understand it.

Watching the video, I was a little creeped out, and I couldn’t wrap my head around how a person could prefer robot interaction over human interaction. There was another video of someone making a robot exactly in a person’s image, and this robot was presented to the daughter of the person. She obviously was creeped out and wanted it to end. I was creeped out for the girl. I felt a little antsy just watching it. I cringed multiple times and couldn’t imagine making such a device.

It was at that moment that I wasn’t really into all the technology. I didn’t like the idea of robots taking over the world. There are obviously many things that robots can do that people cannot, but I would rather work on finding a way to work on human interactions rather than fix it with metal.

Another thing was that the class was all about philosophy, which was pretty annoying. He made us question everything. He put a command on the board and asked the other side of the class to find out everything that was wrong with the command and try doing everything but the command while still not violating what the command was asking. It’s kinda crazy how much was wrong with the command.

Oh, not to mention that most of the class were engineering majors, so for many of them, this was alot of fun. They found it easy to find something wrong with the command, and my team had to keep modifying the command to be more and more specific so that they could not possibly find anything wrong with it. For me, I was just thinking, “… guys, just do the damn command. If we say write, just write.” But yea, the majority of the class found it super fun.

So philosophy definitely was not my thing. We had to turn in a paper about utilitarianism, which was kind of interesting, but I had the hardest time writing the paper. I didn’t even finish it or submit it. I only had 2 of the 5 pages that I needed to write. The class just wasn’t for me.

I think the only thing that kept me in the class for as long as I was was the fact that he had these 2 more-adorable-than-life white fluffy puppies that he brought to class and passed around. They were so cute in that when you picked them up to hand them off, they would press against you and lift their arms up as if getting ready to be picked it. They were soooo cute!

But then I realized that the dogs weren’t going to help my grade in that class, so I dropped it.

Plus, I am already taking a whole bunch of classes required for my major this year, and knowing that this class was not as important as my other classes, I knew that I would fall behind in the assignments for the class (Just look at what happened last semester with that opera class… I’m still salty -.-).

What am I Passionate About? Time’s Running Out


Today’s move-in day at my college, and it’s bittersweet.
This is my Junior year, and I still am unsure as to what I want to do with my life.
I should be overjoyed that I am graduating in 2 years, but as I look back at my last 2 years in college, I ask myself, “What have I actually accomplished?” Maybe I’m being dramatic, because I feel like I have done a lot, but I just feel like I haven’t done enough.
For one, the fact that I am still questioning my major even though I declared it last year tells you a lot.
It seems like everyone has kind of figured out their niche and where they belong, but I’ve used so much time looking at all the opportunities available to me that I haven’t really narrowed down my search yet.
This summer did help a lot though. I actually achieved a lot this summer now looking back. First and foremost, I was able to actually see what I might be doing in the future by shadowing a surgeon. It was amazing what he does, but I was questioning myself the entire time: “Could I be able to do that once put into that situation?”
I know that I should have more shadowing hours by now than this, but with the amount of shadowing I’ve already done, it definitely has helped me get an idea as to what I will be doing.
And now, I am looking into what I am actually passionate about.
For the past two weeks, I’ve been back in my college town and just working a whole bunch. It’s been boring and fun at the same time. Talking with my co-workers has actually been super rewarding.
There was one co-worker who was basically my twin (like it was scary). He had come back to Ithaca early for the exact same reason as I did (he got bored at home, and decided to come back and work a whole bunch of hours before school started), and he lived a state below me.
We got to talking, and we realized that we have even more in common. He basically had the same interests as me. He likes technology and wants to do something along the lines of building and creating and designing stuff. He said how he looked into almost all majors imaginable at Cornell, and took things because he felt like he needed to (bio classes). He said how he has changed his major every summer (like I have), and that when he graduates he wants to do something with technology.
I couldn’t believe it. He was basically quoting my life aspirations.
He told me that he was studying Information Science, but it’s under Interdisciplinary because he had chosen a major so late. I looked into the InfoSci major, and I couldn’t believe it.
It was basically everything that I ever wanted.
It combined psychology, sociology, technology, math, science, etc. all of these things into one. And I loved it so much.
AND their main offices are found in my favorite building on campus (the building is absolutely gorgeous!).
AND their website was so user-friendly, I loved it so much.
AND their website was in my favorite color. Even. Freaking. Better.
I just loved everything about the major and I wish that I had noticed much earlier on.
I think that I would like to change my major, but I am wondering if I would have to change colleges within my university or enroll in this separate program.
And the problem is that I have taken so many classes in Biology already that I am almost done with the major, so what would be the point?
Maybe I should just get the minor?
I don’t know. So many choices and so little time.

Thoughts on Technology

So I just finished talking with a friend about how I was thinking about pursuing the Information Science minor, a subject that she is majoring in. I always was interested in everything that she was doing and studying in class since my freshman year, but I didn’t know much about the major. It wasn’t until I started talking to a co-worker about it (turns out that he is studying the same thing). In fact, we have alot in common during this time which kind of scared me for a little bit, but after getting over that, things got really interesting.

He told me that he studied Information Science and he told me that he really liked it. He then asked me about what I wanted to do, and I told him that I was interested in the medical field, which was why I am on the premed track. Then, I told him about my other interest of technology and being able to design, create, invent, and improve technology in the health field. He said that he basically wanted to do the same thing, and that’s when I was a little taken aback. I had no idea that Info Sci even did that kind of thing. So I looked into it and… it was just ridiculous how much I loved their website (even down to the colors!) and the overall experience I had on just their website. I then looked into the classes and the classes were even better. I always though the idea of artificial intelligence and robotics were super interesting to me. The idea that the person didn’t have to think for themselves anymore of inserting that kind of thinking into an inhumane object was just.. mind-blowing to me.

I also believe that technology will eventually rule all of our lives. Just saying .

So anyways, back to talking with my friend.

I told her about the Info Sci that I was taking this semester that talked about the ethical issues that arise while talking about artificial intelligence and automatic systems like that. I have only taken 2 classes so far (and slept during the last 20 minutes of both, but in my defense it’s at the end of the day), and it’s been really interesting. We’ve actually been talking about philosophy and what people say about who has rights to what? We are basically trying to define what human rights are. It’s actually super interesting, and the readings are cool. And the professor is cool too. He has two white, fluffy puppies that he passes around the class so we can all hold them. They are soo cute (and so therapeutic). When I was going to pass him to the next person, he pressed himself against me and sat back on his hind legs, like he was prepping himself to be picked up. It was literally one of the cutest things I’ve ever had the chance to witness.

Anyways, so she told me how Info Sci was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Info Sci is a social major and such a broad, new field. It’s focused around people and how people interact with technology, and your job is to find ways to improve their experience. She talked to me about how GoogleUX came to her class, which I thought was super cool. I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about or what that was, and then later on in the discussion she described what they did. So basically, they evaluate how people work with technology, and they see what they can do to change the settings or make it better for them. In other words, UX = User experience. I’ve heard of the term before, but I had no idea that was what they did. It just sounded boring to me.

She told me how she has tried out different technology by companies such as this thing to bring a virtual world to people. It was so real to the point that people would forget to pay attention to their own daily tasks (ex: a couple forgot to feed their own baby because they were too busy taking care of their virtual baby in their virtual world. Another one is that people would forget to eat food while in this virtual world). So she said that part of their job is to figure out how to improve these technologies so that people remember to actually go back to reality for sometime.

I have always been interested in that kind of technology: 3-D printers, Google glasses, Eye contacts for diabetics (I didn’t know was a thing until she told me), etc.

I also told a friend once when I went to the Coca Cola Company with him and other friends this past summer that I would love to work with the design of their products. Being able to interact with people and create videos for their ads would be such a cool job. And now I realize that if I were to study Info Sci, that would be the work that I would do. It’s just all coming together for me, and it’s kind of exciting to realize what I like and that there’s something out there for me.

She then told me about how she wants to work mainly in music and media, and figure out how to improve the experiences of tour buses for artists. Apparently, being in a tour bus is actually very taxing on the brain, to the point that people develop mental disorders and depression. I thought that was super interesting and the fact that she wants to focus on that is really neat.

She also said how Info Sci majors came up with the entrepreneurship hubs that were newly built at my school, and… you do not understand how happy I was to know that they were the ones to design it. I have always thought that those spaces were beautiful. They are so nice and look so appealing to the eyes. To know that they were the ones to design and decide to build that place just blew my mind.

I knew there was a reason why my favorite building on campus happened to be their building. I also knew that there was a reason why I loved Iron Man, not just because he’s a great and awesome super hero, but also because of what he does. He creates robots (iron suits) and works with artificial intelligence. I always thought that was really cool.

I knew there had to be something out there that worked with it. What a turn of events!

Two Passions in One Week

So many things have happened in the past week! I feel like I have started almost every post this way, but it’s true. College is starting to become a little more interesting.
So let me start with the most recent event.
I am still writing up my Genocide paper for my Anthropology class, and as I am writing about it, I have learned that I really do love learning about this subject. Any subject where a large amount of people died from either their government or an environmental force will catch my attention. I am writing about the Rwandan genocide that happened during the 1990s, and I have delved so far into the topic that I still have no idea how I am going to finish this paper. My professor gave me a 2-3 page limit, but I just cannot see how I can fit so much information within those boundaries.
I found this book online that talked about how war rape was such a huge thing during this genocide, and the book gave accounts of women who were victims of it. They shared their stories along with what happened to them during this time and how it has still affected them today. I was only given a few pages to read from the book, but now I am so interested in it that I am going to look for the book in the library. I now was to read so many more books about the women along with other victims of these happenings.
From my research, I have learned that about 250,000-500,000 women were raped by soldiers and the Hutu people. From that number, an astonishing 70% of those who lived tested HIV positive. I was shocked by these statistics, and it is still exceedingly hard to wrap my head around it.
It’s crazy to see how much you will learn by just reading.
And in the book, the women also shared how they all bore children from these rapes, and how hard it is for me to look at their children and not see the man who had raped them. I felt for these women, but I was even more moved by the fact that not a single woman chose to abort the pregnancy.
One thing that all the women seemed to do was place their children before their own lives. They all held a deep fear that they would die before their children and they would be left as orphans. I wondered what their government was doing to save these children and to help their people. Was the government still in denial that the genocide had even happened? Did they even want to help their people?
I have been searching for a club on campus that would begin a fund to help these women who were victims of war rape and who now have children that they must take care of. I have also been searching for a club that will inform people on the effects of genocide. I don’t believe that people know the severity and that people even know that genocide is predictable and preventable.
Maybe I should be the one to start the group. Maybe that’s the group that my school is looking for, though we already have too many clubs to even count.


The other passion that I found was a passion for chemistry. Now, many people call me crazy for actually calling Orgo my favorite class. Since high school, I have heard the horror stories involving organic chemistry and molecules.

But then I got to the class… and I was pleasantly surprised.

I loved it!

I loved the molecules that we are learning, and I love how we can synthesize anything we want after taking only one full year of organic chemistry. It was like candy for me.

I knew that I was always into making things. I loved working with my hands.

I have always loved DIY projects, I built toy houses for my dolls. I would create posters. I loved when science fair came around when I was little because I loved designing my display board. I loved crocheting and making new things. I loved fixing things too such as anytime when something was broken in the house. I loved using tools. I also kept a little collage of pictures that I drew where I designed my own pumps and heels. I loved arts and crafts.

I just loved working with my hands.

I think that is why I love orgo so much, and the lab that goes with it. I love how I can mix different chemicals together to create different molecules. I loved how I could make structures depending on the solvents I used. It was all really fun for me.

This is why I want to double major in chemistry and biology, but I honestly believe that I am hanging onto biology only because I have already fulfilled most of the requirements for it.

I love everything about it, and I am so excited to take more class in it.

So here are my two passions, and boy, does it feel good to find things that you love.

Hopefully, I can come back and read these posts to remember what I love.

Dehumanization and Extermination

Part of my latest anthropology class assignment is to write about genocide and the process of it. When I first received the assignment, I was super confused. I thought genocide was just when someone was an extremely racist person and decided to kill everyone that they hated. I didn’t know that there was a process to it, as in a PLAN was actually made for the wiping out of huge groups of people. As I learned more and more about different genocides over time, I learned that they have all followed the same pattern, and that fact scared me.
These kinds of topics always got me really angry. In fact, any type of action where innocent people are killed or hurt always angered me. I just wanted world peace. Was that too much to ask for?
So I did a whole lot of research today about genocide and the process behind it. It turns out there are 8 stages to genocide: classification, symbolism, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, extermination, and denial. I am not going to go into a huge amount of detail with each other because it will just stir up anger in me again that I am not ready for. I have an organic chemistry test tomorrow that I still need to prepare for.
But right now I am not interested in organic chemistry right now, because I am now super intrigued by this topic.
I read about the different genocides that have happened over history. Of course, the first one to come up was the Holocaust led by Adolf Hitler. In the past (like during my senior year in my room at like midnight during winter break. Random, I know), I had already sat and watched a 3-hour documentary about the event. After watching it, I had rage that you would never believe. I watched the concentration camps and what were inside. I imagined myself inside those people’s shoes and my stomach felt like it was turning inside out. Imagine the fear that those people felt. I imagined how some of those people had already accepted their fate. And it’s interesting to know that over 6 million (at the top end, 11 million) people had their lives taken away by this event. By this hatred. And what really angered me was at the end of the documentary, how people denied that this event even happened right next to them. American soldiers forced people out of neighboring places (who all said that they had no idea, though the smell of dead bodies was unavoidable) to come and see what their country was doing. Many people got sick, others started crying, and others still could not believe it. Even now, I still cannot wrap my head around it. How can people not realize that over 6 million people were being burned, buried alive, poisoned, stretched, shot, tortured, forced into labor, gassed, etc. right next door to where they resided??

The only times that I have ever been filled with that much rage was when I watched a 2-hour 9/11 documentary while doing my hair. I watched as there were people jumping out of the fiery buildings of the Twin Towers. The most shivering part was when you heard the loud crash when the person fell. They showed how the person went through the ceilings of the buildings and through the ground due to the speed. When they hit the ground, there was nothing left of them but the blood and shattered body parts. I was so enraged at the fact that people had to make a choice of how they wanted to die. I watched different people’s perspectives on that day: the people in Times Square, the people miles away in apartment complexes, the people inside the Twin Towers, the firefighters, and I also read the messages sent from the airplanes before the crash. Another chill went through me when I learned that there were no survivors from all four planes that day.

Another time was when I watched a 2-hour documentary last semester for my Children’s Literature class. That one talked about the racism prevalent during the 50s-60s in America, and it showcased all the main civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Additionally, it showcased a man who was a homosexual during the time, and who was just as prevalent and active as the main two, but due to his sexuality he did not receive as much recognition. This was the first time that I was hearing about the fight for equal rights for same-sex marriage. I was soo surprised by this fact, because it was not until last summer in June did same-sex marriage become legal in all states. So their fight went on for just as long, if not longer, than the fight for equal rights of all races.

Over winter break, my mother and I watched the movie Selma, which was also another movie that stirred up so much anger in me. I had watched it over the summer by myself, and right after watching it, I was hit with so much anger… so much hatred… I did not know what to do with myself at that moment. After watching the movie, I researched more about what happened during the time, and I realized that all the events that were mentioned in the film were true. I thought they were just a way for the film director to increase the severity of the event. The movie started out with the 4 little girls being killed in the Birmingham bombing. I read about the result of that. They found out who the person was, and they put him on trial. They showed him pictures of the girls he had bombed, and he actually became sick and threw up in the courtroom. It was that reaction that made me realize that at the time, he may not have noticed them as children… and people. He dehumanized them.

Now, after doing this research, I have answered my long-standing question as to how people could mindlessly mass murder so many people at once without a single blink of the eye.

They dehumanize them. They call them “vermins” and “cockroaches” that need to be taken out. This is why these killings are not named “murders”, but “exterminations” because the murderers do not see them as human.

I then read about other genocides, and I learned about the genocide that happened in Cambodia during the 90’s, which brought up a new emotion out of me. This was a genocide that happened recently, one that killed over a million people, and apparently this is one that the United States knew about…


You mean to tell me that people knew about this one, but no one wanted to help the people? The children? How could we be so heartless?

Something that gets me extremely emotional is the fact that people who were weak children, the old, mentally disabled, or ill were immediately killed without a second thought. Since they would slow down the movement of the extremists and they were seen as “no help”, they were immediately gone.

What really confused me for a while was looking at the different photos where Hitler is hugging children and laying out on the beach, I then remember that he was a normal human being… in fact he was a normal human being during his reign. Unfortunately, his view on humanity and a certain group of people was severely skewed. While doing my research for this paper, I learned that he was really good friends with a couple who decided to follow his orders. This family had 6 children. I looked at the picture, and those kids looked like the most innocent children on Earth. I just couldn’t believe the parents that they unfortunately had the chance of having.

When it was nearing the end of WWII and Germany was losing, Hitler committed suicide with his wife at the time (who he had married the day before. I personally think it was so he wouldn’t die alone.) and he killed his dog (which I still will never understand.). After that, this man who had a family, decided to poison all 6 of his kids with cyanide after hiring his dentist to inject all of them with a shot of morphine, making them fall unconscious. Afterwards, he and his wife went up to a garden, and committed suicide there.

It’s interesting to know that after these genocides, in many cases the people who performed these acts end up committing suicide. It is as if they realized what they had done. Were they possessed during the action? Were they in a fixed mindset that could not be broken unless taken out of the situation?

I think I am done talking about this topic. Anytime when I dwell on this subject for too long, my stomach goes into knots, my temperature begins to rise, my blood starts to boil, and I start to develop a hatred for a certain group of people (though this is temporary, but unfair to stereotype like that).

I am so passionate about this topic and injustice in general, I’ve always wondered if maybe I could continue studies in this topic here in college. I would love to take another anthropology class dealing with these topics(it also helps that my anthropology TA likes me 🙂 ).