Why did Harry’s death in Spiderman 3 hurt so much?

Harry’s death in Spiderman has actually shaken me up a little more than I wanted it to. First off, they (Harry and Peter/Spiderman) were best friends. Secondly, they got into a huge fight before he died and he still came back and helped him defeat the sand man and that black, gooey figure. And thirdly… he was so cute ;(

It’s always the cute ones who have to go.

I believe it was just thinking about how much heartbreak and confusion he experienced throughout the 3 Spiderman movies that made me really sad when he died:

  1. He felt like he needed to gain acceptance and praise from his father
  2. He lived to please his father, and it was so sad every time that his father would insult him or tell him that he was less than who he really was
  3. He saw that his girlfriend (Mary Jane), the only girl who he really loved throughout the movies,  was in love with Peter the entire time. Even though he was actually a pretty nice guy, she just was not into him. How heartbreaking!
  4. He thought that Spiderman killed his father, and he lived to get revenge. He even became the Goblin by following in his father’s footsteps.
  5. It’s sad because all he ever did was want revenge on his father’s killer, which is understandable. I mean, Peter Parker was the same by killing the thief who killed (or so he thought) his uncle.
  6. He was so emotional throughout all the movies. I feel like he wanted to be strong and brave because that’s what his father wanted from him, but he had such a heart… He always had tears in his eyes.
  7. He finally saw some success in his life when he took over his father’s company and was CEO for a hot second (at the beginning of the 2nd movie), and then it turns out that the guy who he signed a contract with wanted too much power.
  8. When he found out that his best friend was Spiderman, it was like the world stopped for him. His worst enemy turned out to the closest person to him. How crazy, and honestly that’s really sad :/ (Imagine that your best friend was actually the one who killed your mother. I can barely even fathom that)
  9. He went through an accident where he lost his memory, and everything was new to him. He was happiest during that time because he forgot everything about Spiderman and his father dying.
  10. MJ (Mary Jane) came back to him during this time, and it was like their love had rekindled. They even kissed, and then she said that it was a mistake. Ugh, how tragic!
  11. When he and Peter got into that huge fight in the 3rd movie, he got half of his face burned, and now half of his face is disfigured. Now, coming from a person who has 2 scars on their knees and am super self-conscious about them, I could only imagine how he felt his image was changed. This scar was on his face, and it wasn’t some small scar. It took up half of his face. Oh, that beautiful face…
  12. Even after the fight, he came back to help his best friend (well, after a little help from his butler who told him that his dad had actually died by his own hands). Then they had this epic battle with the sand guy and the black, gooey thing.
  13. He sacrificed his life for Peter (I was in tears). He stood in front of blades that were going to kill him. What a friend! My face was in shock.
  14. In his last moments, MJ was standing next to him, but it must’ve hurt to have someone who you love kneeling right next to you in your dying moments, but knowing that she is completely in love with the person who you just sacrificed your life for. What a crazy love triangle!

Anyways, those are my 2 (more like 14) cents on the life of Harry, Peter Parker’s best friend.


Marvel(ous) Movies

Civil War is definitely the movie to watch right now! I loved it so much, it was incredible! I wasn’t planning on watching the movie last night, but my friends had invited me to it. I love any Marvel movies, so of course I was prepared to go and watch it. I just loved it, though I hated parts where Iron Man and Captain America were fighting. I just loved both of them so much (Iron Man a little more, but don’t tell Captain, shh).

I don’t want to talk too much about it for those who haven’t seen it yet, but I endorse the movie.

I think the fact that I also went with friends made it all the more interesting. The commentary in between scenes was hilarious. One thing that really bothered me in the movie was the pronunciation of some of the cities, especially Lagos. They kept pronouncing it like ‘law-goes’ instead of ‘lay-gohs’.  I was so confused as to why they were doing the most. My friend and I would look at each other and flinch every time they said it. It wasn’t even a hard word! They complicated it.

Anyways, I think what hurt me the most was that both Captain America and Iron Man had their reasons for fighting, and they were both completely different. Unfortunately, they were both right and they were fighting for two goods. And that’s what pained me the most.

Also, I feel like in order to take away any legal matters for this blog, I need to clarify that I am not getting paid at all for writing about this movie. I just love Marvel. 🙂