Planning Before Actually Knowing

I had made a four-semester plan for myself in order to see if I could really major in the subjects that I wanted to. I realized that I would need to take a few things during the summers and winters, and I told myself that I would get a scholarship for them.
One of those classes happened to be in a country that I learned more about in my anthropology class: Cambodia.
I learned about it through my research dealing with genocide. I chose the class for the winter break just because it fulfilled requirements that I needed in order to graduate, not because I actually took an interest in the country.
While researching about genocide, I told myself that I would love to go and visit one of these countries to see how the country is currently doing. I wanted to see if there were any effects due to the genocides that happened in the areas.
The first genocide that I had researched was the one in Cambodia. I didn’t really know much about the country, but when I heard that a genocide had occurred there, I wanted to learn more about it. I did, and I was astounded by the fact that the genocide was not talked about more than the Holocaust.
Now, after researching about the country and its people and the history of genocide that happened there, I realize that maybe it was a good move on my part to plan to go there for a class. The class would be teach me about the government, the people, the history… literally everything that I now held an interest in.
I planned this before I knew anything about the country, and now everything is falling into place. I am so excited, and I hope I will actually be able to partake in this trip. Of course, I’m going to need to apply to plenty of scholarships for this trip… and for college in general >.<